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Real food.

from scratch.

every day.

with love.

Mom & pop owned × mom and pop operated

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Located in the heart of everything that is Portland, Charlie's Deli is a place to kick back and feel at home, with your hosts Charlie and Ali.

Most Photos by Jeremy Pawlowski (@eatSportland)


Charlie's Deli opened in January 2015 and is located just inside the Chinatown Gate on the corner of Northwest 4th Avenue and Burnside St. .Since then, "Mom" Alicia Matos and "Pop" Charlie Mattouk have been serving the very best sandwiches in all Portland.

Charlie's Deli interior, designed by no one in particular, reflects the focus on food and service, while also paying tribute to the couples' passion of reuse and recycle.  The street-level restaurant offers the choice to observe passers-by in on the patio (weather permitting), or hang out inside the eclectic dining room.



(503) 902-9428



22 NW 4th Avenue
at the Chinatown Gate
Portland, OR 97209



Monday-Thursday: 11a-3p
Friday-Sunday: 11a-10p